Hi! My name is Brad Moore. As a young child, I was constantly surrounded by different home improvement projects. I was always fascinated with the building process; specifically how you could combine different raw materials into nearly anything. 

My intrigue peaked when my family decided to build a house. From the beginning to the end, I soaked up every bit of knowledge from the process. I learned about how different tools worked, what materials were needed for certain jobs, and everything in between. Throughout my adult life, I’ve continued to build and fix things around the house. I love putting my own stamp on things and saving money in the process.

Now, as an avid ‘do-it-yourselfer’, I’ve developed a blog to start a discussion about all things DIY. My goal is to document my own experiences and provide useful information to individuals with any range of experience. I routinely upload power tool reviews and other information that any soon-to-be-handy person would find useful. 

Each review video consists of my personal experience with the tool and my honest opinions about how useful it is. In addition, I also like to include posts with “hacks” that can make projects much easier and less time consuming. My two passions in life are creating things and helping people. This blog is my way of combining the two. I hope you find this content useful!