Hi! My name is Brad Moore. As a young child, I was constantly surrounded by different home improvement projects. I was always fascinated with the building process; specifically how you could combine different raw materials into nearly anything. 

My intrigue peaked when my family decided to build a house. From the beginning to the end, I soaked up every bit of knowledge from the process. I learned about how different tools worked, what materials were needed for certain jobs, and everything in between. Throughout my adult life, I’ve continued to build and fix things around the house. I love putting my own stamp on things and saving money in the process.

Now, as an avid ‘do-it-yourselfer’, I’ve developed a blog to start a discussion about all things DIY. My goal is to document my own experiences and provide useful information to individuals with any range of experience. I routinely upload power tool reviews and other information that any soon-to-be-handy person would find useful. 

How We Work

If you’re a DIY kind of person, finding the right tools for the job can be a difficult task. Sometimes, cheap tools can perform as well as ones that are many times more expensive. Certain brands are never reliable, and your investment will go to waste after a mere few years. With the expanding horizon of technology, the most expensive does not always mean the best. That’s where we come in.

Our Team
We are a group of professionals with numerous years of experience in construction, woodworking, DIY, and the power tool industry. Within our ranks, you will find contractors, construction workers with a variety of specialties, power tool industry professionals, engineers, and home improvement experts; all of us have come together and pooled our knowledge in order to educate the general public about one of the most commonly used tool—nail guns, also called nailers.

What We Do
We have designed Toolzwiki to be the ultimate power tools information resource for owners and prospective buyers. We work constantly to stay updated on power tool news, covering recalls, new product launches, and all other relevant information. Our team also pays close attention to technological developments within the industry, as well as buyer and manufacturer trends, paying close attention to those in the industry who may be developing exciting new features for future products.

We pride ourselves on our thorough buying guides, as well as on our in-depth product reviews. All the products we review are tested professionally for a period of at least two weeks prior to writing. Most importantly, we write guides that are unbiased and accurate.

What Sets Us Apart
We are unique in a way that we’re not tied down to a single company or brand. We don’t try to secretly sell you products from companies that are affiliated to us like many other websites do. If we like the product, we recommend it – simple as that.

Our Goal
Ultimately, our goal is to create a site that increases our visitors’ knowledge about power tools. The best way we know of to accomplish this is to fill this site with content that answers questions, clears up confusion, points prospective buyers in the right direction as far as what they need in a power tool and what they can expect when they start to look at them, and highlights the best tools that the power tool industry has to offer.