Top 10 Best Cordless Finish Nailer Reviews 2022

Last Update May 08, 2022

Carpentry has reached a high status due to the utilization of cordless finish nailers. When it comes to ease, speed, and preciseness while fastening, trimming, or shooting pegs, nail guns are unavoidable.

So without any further delay, let’s jump right in into the first product on this list where we reviewed these efficient devices to help you find the best cordless finish nailer for yourself!

Hang on tight till the very end because we will also be going over some features that you should look out for in your nail gun the next time you go shopping. 

Top Rated Cordless Finish Nailer Comparison Chart

Product Name


Key Features


• Absolutely zero jamming problem
• Incorporated LED lights perform well in lower light
• Can go to bump operating mode from the sequential mode, and vice versa
• Ultimate battery voltage is 20V (without having a workload) and nominal voltage is 18V.

• Can hit up to 12,000 nails per charge
• Super flexible and can also be used in tight places to precisely place nails
• Weighs only approximately 4.5-lb
• Sports a shiny, scratch-proof surface.

• Has a fastener of length 5/8-2-inch and can hold up to a hundred nails at a time
• Integrated with a 20V Lithium-ion battery
• Has numerous tool-free settings to enhance productivity
• Low cost
• Reliable and ergonomic structure.

• Drives collated 16 gauge finish nails
• Annihilates the necessity of compressors, hose, or costly gas cartridges
• Delivers a consistent result
• Belt hook adds on to its convenience during storage
• Capable of hitting up to 375 2inch nails in a single charge
• 20 Voltage battery offers outstanding performance

• Comes with an adjustable air pressure switch to increase the depth of nail driving
• LED lights are fixed at the head of the gun to assist in dim light
• Adaptable tool-free knobs to flip out the front end and clear nail jams
• Compatible with One+ family's other 18V batteries
• Cheaper in price.

• Tool-less nose feature assists in fast nail extraction
• Consists of 2 mode selector switches to provide greater control during nail shooting
• LED lights make it easier to work in dark places
• Designed ergonomically with a rubberized soft grip
• Very lightweight.

• Manufactured ad slim nose for accurate nail placement
• Tool-free selector for switching into sequential or contact actuation modes
• Brushless motor for smoother running
• Tool-free jam quickly discharges nail jams
• LED lights assist when working in dark places.

• Designed with micro nose to enhance the line of sight and accuracy of the nail arrangements
• Combined with tool-free stall clearance lever to reset the diver cutter if needed
• Multifunctional LED light to guide in tighter, darker places
• Brushless motor increases durability of the device
• Flexible belt hook to keep it as per preference

• Tool-free alternative triggers for sequential and contact actuation modes
• Congenial with all DeWalt 20V battery models
• Line of sight and nail positioning accuracy is improved by the micro nose
• Designed as low nail lockout to prevent unwanted stains on materials
• Features a brushless motor and is capable of tightening 5/8”-2-1/8” brand nails effortlessly.

• Manufactured with a single sequential actuation mode to place nails precisely
• Airstrike technology offers cordless comfort, removes the pain of buying compressors and costly hefty hoses
• Lightweight
• Compatible with any 18V Ryobi batteries (ranging from P100-105, and P107 and P108).

Top 10 Recommended Cordless Finish Nailer 2021


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Dimensions: 13.06 x 4.38 x 12.38 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No

DeWalt is certainly one of the top brands when it comes to purchasing a finish nailer. This 16-gauge beast performs excellently, and features a tool-free jam release, a tool-free stall release along with a tool-free depth adjustment. I spent almost a week putting up crown molding in the house without one single problem.

This high speedy, weightless nail gun is definitely what you are looking for when fastening nails effortlessly. It is furnished with an adjustable belt hook and has multi-functional LED lights.

The best thing about the LED lights is that it is going to alert you with an audible alarm sound when the battery is about to die. With just the flip of a single switch, you can change the setting of your nail gun from bump fire mode to sequential.

This is especially beneficial for you if you are someone who despises trigger adjustments. This amazing instrument is handy, convenient, and powerful and is, for sure, going to meet your expectations.


  • Wide depth adjustment settings
  • Brushless motor
  • Fit with a Dewalt Flexvolt battery
  • 100% tool-less jam fix
  • Lightweight, Easy to operate without a hose to drag around with nailer

Areas of Improvement

The product can’t be protected in a soft case or bag. May need to oil the deapth dial, gets sticky.


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: Paslode
  • Dimensions: 18 x 17 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes

The second product that we have hand-picked for you is this nail placement machine from the brand Paslode which comes with a 16-gauge angle and weighs only around 4.5 pounds. This new model is lighter than the old version of this gun and therefore more ergonomic and it lasts longer on a single charge.

With a double position battery lock, the battery is kept secured in place. Since it has a tool-free depth adjustment option, you will be able to use this nailer for nails of different sizes. To add on to its positive features, this beast comes with a swivel belt- hence making it possible for you to hang the machine anywhere you want to.

The most promising aspect of this device is the lithium-ion battery which will let you hit up to 12,000 nails after every charge. The cordless and hose-less design simply adds on to the good sides of this spectacular appliance.

Needless to say, this nail gun will certainly give you an effective and weightless experience at work. 


  • Perfect size and weight
  • Depth adjustment is great
  • Very fast and easy to unjam
  • Quality case made from hard plastic comes with the nail gun.
  • Love the new battery and locking position

Areas of Improvement

  • Fumbles up with loading nails
  • Pretty noisy.


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Dimensions: 14 x 4.6 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes

If you are a trim and finish carpenter, you got to have a glimpse of this baddy before you decide to invest in a more complete line of finish nailer. This newly launched finish nailer has taken the spotlight for what just might be the best cordless finish nailer.

Sporting an 18-gauge hook, this beast is integrated with a 15Ah battery along with a heavy-top, which causes the device to incline slightly towards the front. It has almost eliminated the need to use a composer, hose, or even an expensive gas cartridge.

At the same time, the motor is manufactured to provide constant firing capacity into several substances and climate conditions. Furthermore, this bad boy is there to increase your productivity while strengthening safety.

One of the coolest features of this appliance are the LED lights which function to illuminate dark workplaces for you, so that you could avoid errors. 


  • Safety-lock feature
  • Easy to use in smaller/awkward areas
  • Well balanced with the bigger batteries
  • LED light illuminates workspace 
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Areas of Improvement

  • Not congenial with all generic type nails
  • The head design designs a little large to work in tight places.


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: CRAFTSMAN
  • Dimensions: 14.31 x 4.87 x 12.61 inches
  • Weight: 9.05 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes

To simplify your search for the perfect cordless finish nailer that will make instalment of finish nails easier for you, we present to you the 16-gauge cordless nailer from CRAFTSMAN which runs on a 20V battery.

This power-packed tool is totally cordless, therefore you don't need to spend extra bucks on buying compressors, hoses, or costly gas cartridges. A notable feature of this machine is that it has a compatible firing power and can work in changing climate conditions and also on any material.

At the same time, it emphasizes on tool-free depth settings to ensure quick setup and persistent outcomes along with tool-free jam and stall settings for an easy configuration and boosted efficiency.

The finish nailer is furnished with an over-moulded shape and has a comfy grip. Moreover, this handy tool is virtually weightless and the position of its centre of gravity give its optimum balance in all conditions. 

Areas of Improvement

  • Doesn’t work too well with smaller nails at times.


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: RYOBI
  • Dimensions: 4.13 x 11.6 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.59 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No

Looking for a powerful 16-gauge nail gun within a budget? Our next product is surely going to meet all your expectations!

Being a member of Ryobi's One+ family, this device is powered with an 18 voltage battery and is compatible with other 18V batteries such as P100, P102, and P103 to P108. 79% of the consumers agree with the fact that they could not find anything better than this at such a cheap price.

Manufactured with stunning features, this tool has a switch right on the back of it which increases the thickness of your nail driving. It also has a low nail indicator, which is another great factor that keeps you away from dry firing and damaging your woods.

Point to be noted, this machine's knobs are adjustable so you can adjust the depth you would like to go before flipping out the front end of the appliance and proceeding to working on clearing nail jams.

The nail gun has an LED light setting too which will help you see and work in darker spaces, a separate trigger with it will keep you safe from shooting off nails unwillingly.

Despite coming in at such a reasonable price, this appliance exhibits such an astounding set of features that some might even think of it as the top cordless finish nailer out there. 

Areas of Improvement

  • It doesn't countersink well when the battery is low


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: Makita
  • Dimensions: 4.33 x 15.67 x 12.68 inches
  • Weight: 8.31 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No

To give you a new level of convenient experience while hitting nails, the Makita XNB02Z 18V LXT nailer is here. Created with an 18V LXT Lithium-ion cordless feature, this 16-gauge nail gun can go up 2-1/2inch nail depth with a magazine capacity of 110 nails so if you want to do trim work, crown moulding installation or even woodworking efficiently, this will be the best choice for you.

This superb machines can whack up 1000 nails just on a single charge. As you don't have to wait for nails refill, you can pursue your work without any interruptions. Side by side, this durable device is also easier on the wallet since you do not have to spend extra bucks on additional accessories.

As a part of its improved performance, this nailer is developed with a fast-charging battery and can change monitor other external factors as well while being in use. To conclude, this machine will be a game-changer for you if you are looking for something to increase or work efficiency and preciseness with.  

Areas of Improvement

  • Sometimes doesn't set nails properly
  • Might slow down a bit after prolonged usage. 


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: Bostitch
  • Dimensions: 12.3 x 11.8 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes

Up next, the cordless finish nailer that we have added on our list is from BOSTITCH. 73% of buyers said that this product is superb for usage on baseboards, chair rails, during crown moulding, etc.

This device has a tool-free selector switch which helps it to go up to sequential mode from contact mode. Getting this product is quite the favourable deal for those who used pneumatic nail guns, since it can save up to 20 minutes of their daily clean-up period.

The machine has another amazing feature which is the tool-free depth adjustment for countersinking pegs precisely. The brushless motor that this nail gun is integrated with is also going to give you the satisfaction of driving nails that are 1-1/4inch to 2-1/2inches in length.  

Areas of Improvement

  • Bulkier than other cordless nail guns
  • Charger might stop working sometimes.


  • 16 Gauge Finish Nailer
  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Dimensions: 11.9 x 3.7 x 12.3 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes

We have picked yet another super amazing tool from DeWalt for you. This is a 16-gauge cordless straight finish nailer that can drive nails from 1-1/4inch to 2-1/2inch and this unique feature makes it suitable for usage to tighten crown mouldings, baseboards, and door/window casing.

The DCN662D1 model is here to lessen your hassle of buying and utilizing a compressor, hose, and whatnot. It is developed with another very essential factor, which is the tool-free depth adjustment that significantly helps for precise countersinking of nails.

This machine also comes with a brushless motor and is powered by DEWALT's 20V Max Lithium-ion battery. Moreover, just like other products from this brand, this product is also compatible with other DEWALT 20V max batteries. Hence, we assure you that choosing this device as your main carpentry tool will not disappoint you at all.

Areas of Improvement

  • The appliance is a bit heavy.


  • 16 Gauge Nailer
  • Brand: Dewalt
  • Dimensions: 18.72 x 11.11 x 6.36 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Batteries Included: Yes

Down the list, our next highly recommended product which is also from DeWalt, is the 20V max cordless brad nailer kit. You are going to love using it as it comes as a kit so it can be used for multiple purposes such as for fastening kitchen crowns, casing, making decorative mouldings, etc.  

This machine is different from any other 18-gauge nailers. It is not finicky at all, and can constantly hit one nail after another onto the surface. You will be hitting a jackpot if you choose this machine because this beast has features of both a pneumatic tool and a free cordless nailer, and can therefore tackle both small and large projects.

Another amazing trait is that it's powered by a brushless 20V MAX motor along with a Lithium-ion battery. Initially, the battery can go up to 20 volts, but the nominal range is 18 volts, therefore if you use this DeWalt nailer, you are all set to rock your work and increase your productivity.

Areas of Improvement

  • Sometimes doesn’t release the last few pegs.
  • Heftier than pneumatic nailers


  • 16 Gauge Nailer
  • Brand: Ryobi
  • Dimensions: 4.13 x 11.6 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.59 pounds
  • Batteries Included: No

For our very last product of the day, we present to you yet another cordless nail gun from Ryobi. This beast is highly recommended by 81% of the people who bought it worldwide, while some even went on to say that this is by far their best cordless finish nailer ever.

This product features an incomparable next gen airstrike technology that is definitely going to make working easier for you, as you will not need any noisy compressors, hefty hoses, or costly gas cartridges.

This bad boy is integrated with an 16-gauge finish nailer with a magazine capacity of 105 brand. It is capable of driving 700 nails per charge and 60 nails per minute. If you get your hand on this beast, you don't have to worry about your performance because this nail gun will be there for you to enhance your productivity at all times.

Areas of Improvement

  • Sometimes doesn’t release the last few pegs.
  • Heftier than pneumatic nailers

Cordless V/S Pneumatic Finish Nailers

There has been a dispute regarding choosing between cordless and pneumatic finish liners. Before you spend hard-earned money on a finish nailer, we want to draw an end to all of your doubts about both types of anglers by giving you a detailed insight.


The first thing to look out for is the price. While some cordless nail guns might cost less, they will still serve you just how you would imagine your pneumatic nailer to. On the other hand, pneumatic nail guns are quite cheap too, but you need to buy extra compressors for them.   


When it comes to power, pneumatic finish nailers are the best option to go for, because they are manufactured to work with compressed air. Conversely, cordless nailers are battery-powered and thus have comparatively less power. Unless you wish for something cut-edge, cordless nail guns will more than enough to satisfy your expectations.


Cordless models have slight heating problems that express themselves when you are shooting nails for a long time. Moreover, it can also slow down since it is powered by a battery. Another fault is it may lag during actual nail firing and trigger actuation. However, most of the newly launched machines are well developed and do not have these problems.  

But we do have to mention that the pneumatic ones have a faster hitting rate because these are functioned by compressed air.

Ease of Use

This factor is an easy-win for the cordless nail guns since most pneumatic guns require an additional air compressor to tag along with them.


This is another significant criteria that cordless nail guns have triumphed over due to being highly portable and convenient. On the other hand, pneumatic nail guns are way too difficult to move around with and do not offer much portability.

How to Choose The Right Cordless Finish Nailer for You

Now that we have covered our top products, let us now dive into all the detailed factors that you must consider while choosing the right cordless finish nailer for your next project.

It is a must-check-out section, go through it thoroughly at least once, (or you can simply skim through it quickly) since this part is going to summarize all the key features of a nail gun.

Higher Nail Capacity 

One of the most significant traits of a good cordless nail gun is a higher nail capacity, because it will increase the productivity of your work without diverting your concentration. It eliminates the process of refilling the nail gun with nails every now and then, thus saving you on some sweet time.


Another outstanding feature you must check in a finish nailer is the tool-free jam clearing setting. A nail jam can occur anytime, and if your nail gun doesn't hold a smooth buttery jam-free component, then you might encounter difficulties while using the machine.

However, jamming can be controlled by keeping your tool in place and by ensuring the usage of the right nails.

Trigger Operation 

The trigger operation is the next most important facet of a nail gun. Generally, two types of triggers are available for nail guns: one is bump fire and the other is subsequent.

If you are looking for a faster action then go for the nailer that has a bump fire option, but keep in mind that it has a greater likelihood of accidental shooting.

But if you are someone who likes to work on the safer side without facing any mishaps, then check the tool that is designed with the sequential operation, because it is controllable and permits to discharge the trigger in between the currently pressed nail and the one that is about to be pushed out.  

If you still can not decide on which trigger operating system you are looking for while choosing the equipment for you, we would recommend you to go with a finish nailer that contains both systems.

Size and Weight 

An inevitable characteristic of a cordless nail gun is its size and weight. As you need to work all day or sometimes multiple days, you are going to need something that you can hold onto for a prolonged period.

Even though you are free from wires or pneumatic hoses, but if the device is bulky, it can cause stress on your wrists which can later on turn into something more severe.

Check the battery size while selecting your nail gun since the bigger the battery, the heavier the machine is going to be. Needless to say that a bigger sized nailer can not reach into tighter places and odd corners, so size is an integral feature to look out for.


No matter what you buy, choose a branded tool because well-known brands strive to maintain their brand reputation, and that is why they barely compromise the quality of their tools.

Though there is no fool-proof strategy to know the device integrity, you can still get insights by going through feedback from previous customers and by trusting a reputable company.

LED Lights 

This is a very important feature that helps you to work efficiently with your nail gun even in dark places such as baseboards, cabinets, etc. LED lights will illuminate the surface that you wish to drive your desired nails into so that you do not need to use any extra lights.

What do you use a 15 gauge finish nailer for?

You can use a 15 gauge finish nailer for baseboard and trim projects. I've used it with crown molding, floor molding, putting up a wood ceiling and it works like a charm.


Final Verdict

We have come to the bottom line of this article, we hope you had an enjoyable time reading all the product reviews. We have handpicked each product to help you purchase the best cordless finish nailer for yourself.

We hope that all the reviews as well as the buying guide will prove to be informative and educational to you. See you next time!

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